ALLEVYN LIFE SMALL 10.3cm x 10.3cm 2

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ALLEVYN Life is ideal for those with sensitive skin or who have minor burns or skin tears. ALLEVYN Life dressing has an advanced layered construction, which combines a foam pad held between a perforated silicone gel adhesive wound contact layer and a highly permeable waterproof outer film. ALLEVYN Life incorporates a central mesh screen on the pad to help mask the visibility of wound fluid. The film layer is showerproof and aids in the prevention of bacterial wound infection. ALLEVYN Life is suitable for use on fragile or sensitive skin. ALLEVYN Life may be used on wounds with moderate to high discharge such as minor burns and skin tears

  • Dress wounds on awkward areas
  • Easy to apple and gentle to remove
  • Showerproof
  • Comfortable and absorbent
  • Up to 7 day wear time


1. Wash hands before and after treating the wound. Gently clean the wound and the surrounding skin.
2. Prepare and clean the skin surrounding the wound area by removing excess moisture. Any excess hair close to the wound should be clipped.
3. Open the pouch by peeling apart the flaps on the pouch paper. Remove the ALLEVYN Life dressing. Remove one side of the backing sheet from the ALLEVYN Life dressing. Anchor the adhesive side of the ALLEVYN Life dressing to the skin. Smooth the dressing over the wound ensuring there are no creases.
4. Remove the remaining backing sheet and smooth the dressing over the remainder of the wound without stretching the dressing. The pad area only of the dressing must be adhered across the entire surface of the wound.


2 Dressings 10.3cm X 10.3cm

AU$22.95 AU$19.51
Out of Stock
AU$22.95 AU$19.51
Out of Stock